Bar Culture in Wyoming: Episode 17

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Every time I go into a Wyoming bar, I’m pretty sure I’ll come out with a funny story. Did you hear the one about the coyote and badger that walked into a bar? No? I guess you’ll have to listen to the episode. Today features Julianne Couch, author of Jukeboxes and Jackalopes. We giggled a lot and got surprisingly philosophical - I promise we weren’t drinking! She guides us through a lot of Wyoming bars, mostly small town ones and we discussed what makes Wyoming bar culture unique. Hartville is the Dot on the Map - it’s Wyoming’s oldest continuously populated settler town, which features the historic Miner’s and Stockmen’s Saloon.  

Some additional details on what was discussed in the episode:

Here’s where you can buy Jukeboxes and Jackalopes, by Julianne Couch, and her website with more information on the author.  Julianne made me wish I’d had the chance to meet Mike Vinich when he held down the bar at Svilar’s in Hudson, here’s his obituary

We talked about a lot of bars around the state. Here are a few links, but you can find a lot more information in her book:

  • Here’s a story about the Bright Spot bar, from the perspective of someone who grew up there, in the bar/gas station. 

  • Check out this video about Lost Springs WY including the Lost Bar. 

Here’s a fun Road Trip around Southwest WY I’d like to take. It’s a 7 hour loop, and I’d make sure sure to have a designated driver, or take it over several days: 

  • College Inn, Douglas

  • Backwards Distillery, Casper

  • The CSpear,  in Medicine Bow - (formerly the Dip) has some really cool ceiling murals and WY’s only native Jade Bar 

  • Virginian Saloon, Medicine Bow

  • Buckhorn Saloon, Laramie

  • Little Bear Inn, Cheyenne

  • Miner’s and Stockmen’s, Hartville, WY

Before you go, learn more about the History of Hartville, with the cultural geology guide to Hartville, and yet more information on the oldest settled town in Wyoming. 

Finally, here’s some information on Coyote and Badger (more on Badger) and how they sometimes hunt together.


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